February 20

          What are Hiring Managers and
Executives Expecting?

                * Leadership: Influence without authority 

                  * Collaboration: Focus on building and maintaining
                    working relationships 

                  * Communication: Effective oral and written
                    communication, develop the executive presence,
                    know your audience and communicate

                  * Emotional IQ: Too sensitive, too whiny,                                           too bullish...

                  * Political Correctness: Social media, harassment,  
                    professionalism, humor...

                                                    Russ Steward

                                                                               Director, Project & Parts
                                                                               Procurement - North America
                                                                               Babcock & Wilcox


                 - Over 30 years of Supply Chain experience
                 - Previously served as VP of Supply Chain for Tennessee
                    Valley Authority
                 - Bachelor's degree from San Diego State University, Juris
                    Doctorate from Capital University Law School

Location: Cleveland Clinic, Akron General Health & Wellness Center, 4125 Medina Rd, Akron, OH 44333

Time: 5:00 Networking; 5:30 Speaker

Cost: $25 cash or check 
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We currently have three positions open!
Director of Outreach

  • Markets ISM-Akron to internal and external resources and coordinates that lead to increased ISM-Akron membership, meeeting attendance, and member engagement. 
Director of Regular Events

  • Reserves ISM-Akron meeting location, collects rsvp's, checks-in attendees, collects payment, and reserves board meeting location.
Director of External Events

  • Coordinates external educational webinars, seminars, etc for member development.
Join the Board

The Board of Directors meet six to seven times a year. Members of the Board gain valuable CPSM certification points, leadership experience, networking, and the chance to contribute to the growth and success of ISM-Akron, Inc.
Monthly Events

There are seven different opportunities throughout the year for local professionals to learn, develop and grow professionally through our professional development dinner meetings.
Employment Opportunities

Job opportunites will be posted through ISM-Akron, Inc. as we are notified.
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It is our goal to make ISM-Akron, Inc. the premiere supply      professional organization in Northeast Ohio. It is our mission to
educate, serve, and develop  our members so that they will
continue to provide value, opportunity and cost reduction for the
local business interests they represent. By working hand-in-hand
with local universities and businesses, we hope to discover 
needs, recognize  future opportunities for growth and service to build  on the value of our Supply Managment profesion.