Certification in any industry demonstrates additional commitment to learning, professionalism and excellence. In the supply management field, the recognized standard is the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) qualification. As a qualified CPSM you will enjoy the benefits of:
  • Recognition internationally and domestically as a dedicated and committed professional in the Supply Managment Field
  • Expanded knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be a successful supply management professional.
  • Understanding and implementing innovative supply stratigies at a strategic level to help benefit your organization.
  • Attaining a greater understanding of your organization' supply network and skills to make accurate and profitable decisions.   
  • Greater visibility and recognition rates for certified professionals from 15-23% (according to 2010 ISM Annual Salary Survey)
  • Increased perception, marketability and value of certified candidates by potential new employers.
CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management)
  • This certifiation is the most prestigious designation. It is the credential that surpases the demands of the international marketplace with multi-faceted skills in areas such as finance, supplier relationship management, organizational global strategy and risk compliance.
CPSD (Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity)
  • Designation for supply management professionals whose responsibilites include supplier diversity. Delivers added value to business leaders and other team leaders who particpate in the development of diverse supplier initiatives within the organization. It demonstrates you have an understanding of procurement and the entire supply chain, not just supplier diversity. It proves you can lead a comprehensive supplier diversity program. The value of supplier diversity is that it gives your oganization a distinction that shows your commitment to diversity through strong relationships with your suppliers and all stakeholdsers.
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Reivew Classes:
Periodically there will be CPSM reivew classes offered through one of our local CPSM certified instructors. Potential candidates are encouraged to check this website for updates or contact the instructor at the number below.
Jenny Bollinger
Cell: 330-232-6276
Office: 330-471-6648
Study Guides:
 Criteria for Borrowing ISM-Akron, Inc. CSPM Study Guides
  • Must be an ISM-Akron Member
  • One book of the series will be loaned at a time
  • Books are allows to be borrowed for a maximum of three months
  • A deposit of $25 is required and will be refunded once the book is returned